The new HP Officejet 8040 has all the bells and whistles you should expect out of an all-in-one printer. It features wireless printing, a 1 TB hard drive for scan storage, and it will automatically order ink for you when the printer detects that it is low. It also supports mobile printing from Android and iOS devices.


HP Officejet 8040 (2)


What sets the 8040 apart from other printers is the integration with Neat, a cloud storage and organization service. The idea is when you scan a document, the 8040 will automatically upload the image to Neat which then organizes it into a category. For example, if you scan a business card, Neat will automatically recognize that it is a business card and organize it according to your preferences. Then you can access that business card from any device connected to the Internet.

HP says that this is a perfect option for small businesses that need to stay organized, but don’t have time to do it all on their own. If you can deal with using Neat as your new cloud storage system, plus the $399 price tag, then this printer may be a good fit for you.

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