It was no surprise when Canada was left out of Google’s Nexus One phone launch. This nation is getting used to playing second fiddle (or third, or 85th) when it comes to getting the latest gadget.

It’s probably for the best, since most Canadians probably couldn’t handle more excitement after finally getting their hands on an Amazon Kindle (albeit a crippled version of the e-reader).

But Vito Riccio wasn’t about to let Google’s online store block him from having a Nexus One to call his own. A software developer with digital signage firm EnQii Group took advantage of a New York-based office to order the Nexus One and have a helpful colleague return it to the Greater Toronto Area.

Vito says he simply walked into a Wind Mobile store and convinced them he had a compatible phone. They gave him a SIM card and he was up and running.

Nexus One is compatible with Wind’s 3G AWS network. But there seem to be a couple of blocked features. Some ports are being blocked and won’t allow push Gmail or Google Talk to work over Wind’s network.

“I don’t know if they’re doing it deliberately or by accident,” Vito says.

In a phone interview, Wind Mobile CEO Anthony Lacavera says Nexus One is compatible with Wind’s network and the company is talking to Google to develop a relationship. “Our intention to support the phone.”

Vito should also phone customer support to see if he can get all his services working, Lacavera suggests.

Vito also popped in his Rogers Wireless SIM card and all of the phone’s features worked on that network. But only on Rogers 2G network, not its 3G broadband network. All of the phone’s features also work when connected by Wi-Fi.

Mostly Vito likes the Nexus One. Web browsing is lightening fast and the touch screen is quite good, he says. The AMOLED screen looks good whether he’s outdoors or indoors. But there is one more quirk when using Google Maps on Wind’s network.

“When I’m at work, it thinks I’m in Tanzania,” he says. “When I’m at home, it thinks I’m in Colombia.”

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