More girls enjoying tech summer camps will equal more women in tech companies down the road! In a recent blog post in sister publication Computer Dealer News, I wrote about the lack of women in the tech sector and how companies can recruit more women. Having women-friendly recruiting and employee policies addresses one dimension of the challenge.

Another key challenge to achieving more women in technology companies is boosting the numbers of young women who choose science, technology or engineering education to have the potential to build careers in technology.  Engaging girls in technology at a younger age, before they limit their options by dropping math or science, is a starting point toward young women choosing tech careers.  So we’ve researched some summer camps and programs across Canada to come up with a list of options for girls.

Designing with Computers Summer Camp for Girls - University of Alberta, Edmonton
Designing with Computers Summer Camp for Girls – University of Alberta, Edmonton

Data shows that some girls can feel more free to explore science and technology with a girl-focused program with other girls.  Some girls would prefer an “open to all kids” option.  We’ve grouped the programs into “girls-only” and “open to all kids” options, and provided location info and links to find out more.

Summer  Technology Camps – for Girls-Only:

Summer Technology Camps – Open to All Kids:

Here’s to the summer of 2014 inspiring more girls to get involved in technology.  If you know of other summer technology camps or programs, whether  for girls-only or for all kids, please share them in the comments!




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  • Peggy

    Thanks for writing about this important issue, Cheryl! My name is Peggy Lee and I’m a Regional Director at Digital Media Academy. We’re very proud of our Made by Girls initiative that holds STEM classes exclusively for girls (we also have a robust list of coed STEM courses that welcome girls) at multiple Canadian locations. You can find out more about the program here – or feel free to write to me at We’ll have the updated class schedules for Summer 2016 on November 1st.

    • CSylvester

      Hi Peggy — thanks for your reponse. Sorry I missed it earlier. Looks like terrific programs on offer for girls, and co-ed this summer. When you’re ready with courses in Canada for next year, please reach out to me via twitter @csylvester or via email Keep up the good work Made by Girls!

      • Peggy

        Great! Our updated schedule for summer 2017 comes out November 1st and I’ll definitely get in touch then. Thanks for covering this and all the best!

        • Peggy

          Sent you an email, Cheryl! Thanks for covering this important topic!