Founded in 2012 out of Waterloo region’s Communitech Hub, this accelerator is taking money from some of Canada’s top investors and taking promising startups from concept to commercialization.

Web site:

Click through on these links to watch elevator pitch videos of the startups in Hyperdrive’s second cohort:

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  • RonInToronto

    I hope these entrepreneurs have a better handle on their opportuinities than you do with physics.

    a) You don’t accelerate AT light speed… you might attempt to accelerate TO light speed. Acceleration is not a speed.

    b) If you attempt to accelerate to achieve light speed you will fail. Nothing that you accelerate can gain “light speed”. You might get close with very large amounts of resource (like the Large Hadron Collider with billions of dollars).

    Your metaphor implies the entrepreneurs are attempting (known) impossible limits. I think they deserve better.

    • Thanks for the physics lesson Ron. Perhaps I should have gone with my original headline idea to avoid such problems, alluding to Space Balls: “Hyperdrive: accelerating at ‘faster than ludicrous’ speed”

      • RonInToronto

        I like “Faster than Ludicrous” – it certainly applied in my entrepreneurial days. Spaceballs…ah, it takes me back to when they made real movies…

  • Tony Cox

    Full of shit.