Dandy takes a community approach to developing apps and paying those developers. It wants to solve the problem of the disconnect between the amount of revenue being generated by app stores and the individual success of mobile developers. So it divides profits up among contributors to an app development community based on individual level of contribution. Aside from the funding its received from Hyperdrive, it also has $25,000 in its pocket from Canrock Ventures. Co-founder Matt Scobel tells us about Dandy’s concept in this elevator pitch video.

Web site: http://www.dndy.co/

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  • Know What You’re Giving Up

    Here’s the thing about Dandy.

    Sure they provide you with development resources, but you need to be very mindful of their business model. By submitting an idea to Dandy, you are surrendering all of your rights to that intellectual property (the idea). That means that if Dandy decides not to develop your idea, they still own it. If you decide to develop the app later down the line, you now have to pay Dandy a royalty in-perpetuity because, well – they own the rights to your app idea.

    It also means that any other ideas that you get that are born from this idea, Dandy will essentially own. It’s a great business model for this company, but as someone who has an idea for an app, you’re going to be surrendering too much. It’s easy to find a company overseas and get them to develop your idea while you still retail ALL of the rights and don’t have to share your profits.