Google+ with Guy Kawasaki: Why Google+ is like a 14-year-old

    We sat down with former Apple evangelist, author, and speaker Guy Kawasaki yesterday at Avaya Evolutions in Toronto and focused our interview on Google+.

    In his role as an advisor for Google-owned Motorola Mobility, Kawasaki has been building a mobile community on the social platform and he’s enthusiastically endorsed it on many occasions. He literally wrote the book on Google+, titled What the Plus!: Google+ for the rest of us and has more than 5 million followers on the network. We also extended the opportunity to submit questions for our interview with Kawasaki using Google+. Those answers will be in our video series too.


    In this video, part one of our five part series with Kawasaki, we ask him to weigh on where Google+ is at in it’s growth arc and whether its moving as quickly as it should be in attracting users.

    Watch more clips from our interview with Kawasaki: