What does it mean to be a Chief Innovation Officer?

    We caught up with Terry Stuart, chief innovation officer at Deloitte, at Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce conference last month, and interviewed him in front of the world’s largest inflatable structure.

    The topics coming up at the conference all hinged around organizational change. Implementing new cloud services and digital technology can lead to a more customer-focused company that carries a lot of efficiency benefits, but to achieve that you need to be able to have the right organizational structure to support it. Stuart explores how that can be achieved, and addresses these questions in this video:

    • What does it mean to be a Chief Innovation Officer?
    • How does an organization that wants to implement a major technology project achieve success?
    • How can the CMO and CIO collaborate and work together?
    • What changes must an organization make to address the trend towards mobile device usage?
    • Does a business need to have a dedicated mobile development shop?
    • What’s your top takeaway from Dreamforce?