Google+ with Guy Kawasaki: Unvoluntary adoption ‘holy grail of marketing’

    We sat down with former Apple evangelist, author, and speaker Guy Kawasaki Jan. 22 at Avaya Evolutions in Toronto and focused our interview on Google+.

    In his role as an advisor for Google-owned Motorola Mobility, Kawasaki has been building a mobile community on the social platform and he’s enthusiastically endorsed it on many occasions. He literally wrote the book on Google+, titled What the Plus!: Google+ for the rest of us and has more than 5 million followers on the network. We also extended the opportunity to submit questions for our interview with Kawasaki using Google+. Those answers will be in our video series too.

    In this video, part three of five in our series, Kawasaki addresses how Google is pushing adoption of Google+ through integration with its other services. Hit play to hear why Kawasaki describes this as the “holy grail of marketing.”

    Watch more clips from our interview with Kawasaki: