As print takes a beating desperate brands seek online salvation

The New York Times' announcement yesterday that it plans to start charging readers some time next year for unlimited access to its Web site has industry insiders closely watching whether smaller newspaper publishers

Published on: January 25th, 2010 Sharon Gaudin

Clever tweets help Naked Pizza do booming business

Can you tell which of the following tweets is from a small but rapidly growing company? "One more glass of wine and I will b buying pop tarts from that damn vending machine

Published on: November 30th, 2009 James A. Martin

Air Canada iPhone app, Coors Light campaign nominated for Canadian New Media Awards

If there's one fact that clearly emerges from this year’s Canadian New Media Awards (CNMA), it is that mobile device marketing is now seriously vying with traditional media sources for advertising dollars. Phones

Published on: November 11th, 2009 Brian Jackson

Canadian innovation hothouse showcases cool new media products

Telematics, Tentacles, and Augmented Reality. Attendees at 'A New Media Gathering' got to experience all that and much more. The event hosted by Innovation Synergy Centre in Markham (ISCM), a non-profit outfit that

Published on: October 15th, 2009 Andrew Brooks

Government librarians tap social media to keep clients up to date

Far from the stereotypical image of a stodgy old librarian shushing those who rustle book pages too loudly, librarians in Ontario's Public Service are embracing new media to keep clients up to date.Whether

Published on: September 28th, 2009 Brian Jackson

Football grapples with call on new media – off-side or touch down?

It's first down and ten when it comes to college and pro football leagues tackling Twitter, Facebook, and user-generated video content from the sidelines. It's only pre-season and the Miami Dolphins have already

Published on: August 31st, 2009 Ian Paul

Canadian radio content brought to your BlackBerry

Nation-wide radio station owner Corus Entertainment has partnered with mobile apps developer Viigo, to deliver free content to smartphones – starting with Web site content and eventually on-demand audio, according to company executives.Nine

Published on: March 24th, 2009 Brian Jackson

Canada leads the world in online video viewership

A growing number of Canadians are tossing aside the remote control and TV guide, and turning to their personal computer or smart phone for entertainment. More Canadians watch videos online than any other

Published on: March 17th, 2009 Michelle MacLeod

Insiders reveal tech secrets behind Obama’s winning campaign

See related story: Obama's creaming McCain – if you follow politics on the Internet New media played a pivotal role in Barack Obama's incredibly successful presidential campaign, according to experts closely associated with

Published on: January 15th, 2009 Michelle MacLeod

Canada’s digital media industry in dire need of funds

The interactive digital media industry in Canada is growing rapidly, but sustaining this trend in the face of limited public investment is a big challenge.The issue was vigorously discussed by participants in a

Published on: October 20th, 2008 Vawn Himmelsbach

Four reasons why some news organizations can’t make money online

It has been well documented that online media is eating away at print and broadcast media revenue. This decline in print and broadcast media has been going on for years, and newspapers, magazines

Published on: October 6th, 2008 Melissa Chang