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Google+ turns one — but is there much to celebrate?

Google+ is hitting a major milestone this week. Google's fledgling social networking has hit its first birthday.That's right. Google launched its own social network ayear ago onThursday. And while it's a distant competitor

Published on: June 29th, 2012 Sharon Gaudin

Google’s $12.5 B Motorola Mobility bid finally a done deal

It's official: Google is now a hardware company.Google said Tuesday morning thatit has closed the deal to acquireMotorola Mobility for $12.5billion.Sanjay Jha is stepping down from his post as CEO of Motorola Mobility;Dennis

Published on: May 22nd, 2012 Sharon Gaudin

Expect smarter, easier searches from Google

The vaunted Google search engine is set for an upgrade that will make it easier for users to find the information they need by putting their searches in context, the company said Wednesday.Over

Published on: May 16th, 2012 Sharon Gaudin

Google gets first license to test self-driving cars

The people of Nevada may be in for a surprise when they drive to the market or down the highway -- driverless cars.The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles on Monday issued to Google

Published on: May 8th, 2012 Sharon Gaudin

Did first DDOS attack sink the Titanic?

When the RMS Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York, on April 10, 1912, she was considered the ultimate passenger liner -- unparalleled in luxury, size and

Published on: April 13th, 2012 Sharon Gaudin

Facebook IPO eye-poppers

When Facebook filed its IPO papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday, some interesting facts about the company were revealed. While the filing focused on the social network's revenue and user-base

Published on: February 2nd, 2012 Sharon Gaudin

Facebook IPO to be watched closely by social media firms

With Facebook expected to file its plans today for its initial public offering, industry and financial analysts say it could be one of the biggest IPOs in U.S. history.And that could be a

Published on: February 1st, 2012 Sharon Gaudin

Cisco takes telepresence mobile with WebEx, Jabber updates

In an attempt to move beyond the desktop, Cisco is updating two of its enterprise-level collaboration tools.At the Cisco Collaboration Summit in Miami on Wednesday, the company announced it's rolling out updates to

Published on: November 17th, 2011 Sharon Gaudin

Google+ vs. Facebook: What’s the best social spot for business?

Ever since Google came out with Google+ Pages for business on Monday, the company has taken heat for not giving enterprises basic tools with this initial offering.And while industry analysts think Google+ could

Published on: November 14th, 2011 Sharon Gaudin

Video sneak peek at Google’s new Gmail features

Google seems to have accidentally given users a preview of an upcoming Gmail redesign.Analysts say the changes could be part of a move to get the email service ready to be integrated with

Published on: October 24th, 2011 Sharon Gaudin

East coast earthquake triggers social media groundswell

Just moments after a 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit the East Coast on Tuesday afternoon, Twitter and Facebook lit up with the news. The quake struck central Virginia at 1:53 p.m. EDT today and

Published on: August 23rd, 2011 Sharon Gaudin

London calling for social media blackout?

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Thursday he is considering a ban on social networking to help curb the riots that have rocked the country.Speaking to the nation's House of Commons, Cameron said

Published on: August 12th, 2011 Sharon Gaudin

1.5 million Canadians quit Facebook in May

Facebook may continue to gain users, but the world's biggest social network isn't gaining them as quickly as it has been and is actually losing users in the U.S.Facebook gained 11.8 million more

Published on: June 14th, 2011 Sharon Gaudin

Facebook facial recognition feature draws complaints in Europe, U.S.

Facebook said it's working with European Union regulators to resolve criticism about its new facial recognition feature, but trouble may also be brewing for the social network here in the U.S.On Wednesday, Facebook's

Published on: June 10th, 2011 Sharon Gaudin

Businesses slither with Twitter snake gag for marketing success

An adventurous but deadly Egyptian cobra this week created an online marketing bonanza for a few businesses clever enough to take advantage of the Twitter sensation. The highly venomous snake slipped away from

Published on: April 4th, 2011 Sharon Gaudin