Canadian companies spread holiday joy through video Christmas greetings

Digital season’s greetings can be a fun alternative to the nice picture accompanied by some writing. While there’s certainly still a place for traditional holiday cards in our lives, videos have the potential

Published on: December 22nd, 2017 Alex Coop

From Buster the boxer to Frankenstein’s monster:’s 2016 holiday video round-up

The holidays are here, bringing with them the requisite Christmas carols, Starbucks gift cards, absent colleagues, and companies using online video to thank their customers for another great year. We've rounded up a

Published on: December 23rd, 2016 Eric Emin Wood’s 2015 holiday video round-up

Ah, the holidays - that time of year marked by last-minute shopping, taking advantage of unused vacation time, sweater-based office parties - and Canadian companies using the wonderful world of online video to

Published on: December 23rd, 2015 Eric Emin Wood

Methodify offers marketers customer research as a service

A Toronto-based firm known for its data collection service, AskingCanadians, announced this week a new web service for marketers that promises to get real customer feedback with a 48-hour turnaround. Methodify is described as

Published on: October 16th, 2015 Brian Jackson

Responsive design: 3 tips for creating a one-size-fits-all Web site

When insurance company Sun Life Financial Inc. noticed the number of people visiting its site by smartphone or tablet had tripled within a year, it realized it was time to start taking the

Published on: June 24th, 2013 Candice So

Internet firms get creative to capture shortening attention spans

Chances are you'll never finish reading this article. By the time you get to the third paragraph, an e-mail notification will pop up and you'll click away to respond to it. Or you'll

Published on: January 29th, 2013 Brian Jackson

Manulife Web redesign nabs Toronto firm international award

Toronto-based digital design and consulting firm Delvinia Interactive Corp. scored a double win at an international business competition with its Web site redesigns for Manulife Financial and the Canadian Opera Company (COC). Delvinia's

Published on: August 9th, 2011 Christine Wong

Canadians will change cell phone habits to avoid cancer risk

Canadians aren’t all that concerned about the risk of cancer posed by cell phone use, but the vast majority of them are willing to change their behaviours to reduce the risk of ill

Published on: June 13th, 2011 Brian Jackson

Canadian voter apathy extends to social media realm

If a politician sends a tweet, but nobody is following them, does it even have an impact? That’s an existential question that political campaign organizers from each of the major federal parties may

Published on: April 27th, 2011 Brian Jackson

Canadians registered for Do Not Call List mostly happy

Nobody likes telemarketers. Those unwanted calls seem to have an almost preternatural ability to disrupt our lives when we least want to be bothered. Just as we sit down to enjoy a dinner

Published on: April 13th, 2011 Brian Jackson

Elections Canada misses social media boat as politicians jump on board

It's being labeled as Canada's Twitter election, as candidates from opposing parties flood the social media space with their virtual presence in preparation for the upcoming May 2 voting day.Strangely enough, while the

Published on: April 6th, 2011 Nestor Arellano

Video Rewind: Canadian Opera Company revamps online approach

The Canadian Opera Company wants to prove its audience is more than a bunch of the stereotypical, stodgy old fops gazing at the stage froma balcony through a pair of viewing binoculars -

Published on: April 5th, 2011 ITBusiness Staff

Canadians dive deeper into smartphone capabilities

Web browsing, social networking, mobile polls, location-based services, games, mobile purchases - these are just some of the functions today's smartphones are able to do – but are Canadian handset users employing all

Published on: April 4th, 2011 Nestor Arellano

Facebook, not Twitter, is the social network for revolutions

Twitter often gets the credit for being the modern-day digital medium that captures disasters, protests as they unfold – 140 characters at a time. The micro-blogging service that was designed to be simple

Published on: March 29th, 2011 Brian Jackson