A Toronto-based firm known for its data collection service, AskingCanadians, announced this week a new web service for marketers that promises to get real customer feedback with a 48-hour turnaround.

Methodify is described as an automated research tool. Marketers jump online and follow three steps: selecting a research method, configuring the method and launching the research, and then monitoring real-time results and downloading the final data when the period completes. Some of the research methods were developed by Delvinia‘s team, others come from TNS Canada, a consultancy that advises on new market entry, innovation, brand switching and stakeholder management.

Here’s a rundown on the different research methods you can pilot from Methodify’s dashboard:

  • Value Proposition: Is your value proposition communicating the benefit of your product or service effectively? Ask 500 people how likable and relevant your message sounds.
  • Territory Test: Is there an untapped space where your brand can find new customers? Find out how each territory you identify will fit with your brand, how relevant each territory is to your target audience, and the overall likeability of each territory.
  • Concept Check: Before you launch that campaign, check and see how your audience will react to your ideas. The data will yield information on how well each concept fits with your brand, how relevant it is to your audience, and if it’s a creative home run or more of a pop fly.
  • Quick Ad Test: Now that you’ve got the concept sorted, find out that your ad will work. The report tells you how the ad fits with your brand, if the ad is relevant to your audience, and how much people like it in general.
  • Multiple idea reducer: Maybe you’ve got a large team and you can’t agree on who’s idea is the best. Put it to the test by asking real people and get data on purchase intent, popularity, and respondent enthusiasm.
  • In-Store POS Test: For your physical in-store signage, figure out if it’s having the influence you’d like. The report tells you noticeability, purchase intent, brand fit, and customer excitement.

Once the research is done, you get to peruse the data in Methodify’s online dashboard. If you want more support in the form of an in-person presentation, complete with Powerpoint slides, that can be arranged for an extra fee, according to the website.

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