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  • Terry Shane

    The article is supposed to be about “VOIP Apps for Business” but the reviews seem to focus entirely on mobile platforms. Adobe Connect runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android and is the only conferencing platform that is extensible.
    That means that you can build custom apps (just like you would for a tablet or smartphone) to extend the underlying platform and do amazing things with it. There are numerous extensions available or you can have something custom built.
    Need to track the Carbon or Cost savings for all of your meetings, there’s a Connect app for that? Need to stream live video from an event in to Connect? There’s an app for that too. From CLE Credit Tracking to MindMapping tools there is no limit to what you can do with Connect. Resellers like Refined Data Solutions specialize in these capabilities.
    And when it comes to multi-media, nothing can beat Adobe Connect. If you’re looking for more than just Skype capabilities, you should check it out. The article provides a very narrow view of what these tools can do and really doesn’t compare like with like.

    • tn

      Sounds like you work for Adobe

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