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  • Rodimus Prime

    There’s only one direction for BB…up.

  • Georgino

    I feel sorry for BB. they are always so late with everything they do. And I mean everything. Phone running Android should have been released with Z10. Open BB messenger to iOS and Android was 2-3 years too late and even to day you can’t install it on some iPhones (it just don’t run at all). It is shame. lets hope that one day they will be on time with some kind of technology, it would be shame to see company like BB to go away

  • DDB3

    Having been an Apple Evangelista since the late 80’s, and having taken up the iPhone from its first iteration, I am now persuaded to return to the Blackberry with Priv. I am tired of the updates that Apple releases that repeatedly and arbitrarily change so much that I have loved on my iPhones, and feel Apple now takes for granted the loyal and committed clients that used to feel so special, but now feel victimized. Not so dissimilar to how Microsoft was known to treat their customers.

  • Very slow process.. but seems good.