Jabra is collaborating with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. to offer a video conferencing experience for its newly added feature to Zoom Rooms.

Zoom will be using the Jabra PanaCast, a Panoramic-4K video device, as the video solution for Zoom Rooms Speaker Switching, Zoom announced this week at Zoomtopia, the company’s user conference. The new Zoom Rooms service and its hardware components, such as Jabra PanaCast camera, are aimed at providing a natural and immersive video conferencing experience and enhancing participant engagement. 

The Jabra PanaCast was selected for being the only enterprise-grade camera with the advanced functionality needed to complete the Zoom Rooms experience,” a press release read. 

This device is certified for Zoom Rooms and was selected in large part because of its ability to deliver three different camera angles in a single product, says Zoom. These three individual video streams will work alongside the new Zoom Rooms Speaker Switching feature and three microphones that detect which side is speaking, thereby autonomously and continuously optimizing the field of view so as to make sure everyone is included in the conversation. 

“With Jabra’s leading camera technology, we have developed a unique offering that delights users and IT departments by delivering a plug-and-play solution that takes the unnecessary complexity, cost and maintenance out of creating an immersive conferencing system,” said Nick Chong, head of global services at Zoom.

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