Video Rewind: Windows Vista and its Aero interface

With Microsoft Corp. talking about Windows 8 development and analysts expecting its release sometime next year, many Windows users will no doubt be once again caught in an upgrade quandry.

Should you skip Windows 7 and just wait until 8 comes out for an upgrade? Should you move to Windows 7 now and not worry about Windows 8? Such has been the struggle with every successive Windows release, and it was no different when Windows Vista was released in 2006. Despite appealing user interface enhancements like Aero, many users felt the new OS was bogged down and sluggish, and chose to avoid it entirely.

But Vista did have at least one fan, who described the OS as looking “fabulous” and “wonderful” in this January, 2009 look at the OS.

Aero was nice improvement to Windows Vista, according to this presenter.

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