Video Rewind: First 3D TV launch in Canada

Whereas 3D TV once seemed like a pipe dream of the future akin to the Jetson’s robot maid, it’s now become attainable for many consumers.

We’ve covered companies that are bringing 3D optics to not just TV screens, but to mobile devices, laptop screens, digital displays, and more. These small businesses don’t need a wealth of resources fo an enterprise to innovate, just a keen understanding of technology and a desire to succeed. With technology prototypes such as Adrian Bulzacki’s dual LCD screen approach, and researchers out of the University of Arizona announcing they have created a decent real-time holographic 3D imaging system, it’s not hard to imagine that 3D displays are only going to improve and become more a part of the consumer landscape.

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With all those advances, it’s easy to forget that the first 3D TVs hit Canada’s market earlier this year, in March. Here’s our coverage of the launch event at Futureshop.

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