If you find you’re typically well past deadline in filing your taxes because you hate the work of scribbling numbers into forms, a new app from Edmonton-based Snapfile Inc. might be for you.

It’s almost cliche to call it Uber for taxes, but the description fits well in this case. Snapfile invites users to use their smartphones to take photos of their tax forms – your T4s and T5s and the like – and send them to tax professionals that do the work for you. It’s taxes on demand through a mobile app service and all you have to do is sign off on the final filing with the stroke of your finger on a touchscreen.

Available for iOS and Android, Snapfile says that it’s “giving taxes the finger” by allowing people to efile their taxes via a mobile app. It offers support for tax scenarios that would be encountered by most individuals, families, and students. As you’re documenting all your files, you can exchange instant messages with live customer service agents that will answer your questions.

Snap file income tax

SnapFile says its pricing begins at $24.99 and offers the opportunity to earn cash when you refer friends. It’s available in every province and territory with the exception of Quebec.

It’s also not the only way to make quick work of your tax filing. Even the Canada Revenue Agency itself offers a host of online services and recommendations that make filing taxes easier than loading up the old ticker-tape calculator. Check out its list of recommendations for online tax filing, which includes some free offerings. CRA even offers an “auto-fill my return” service that will fill in your tax form as much as possible based on known information from previous years.



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