A new Toronto-based social networking app is looking to create stronger bonds between local businesses and their regular customers.

Strum, founded by former head of strategy and development for Bell parent firm BCE Inc., has founded what he is calling the “world’s first customer-to-business experience platform.”

Currently available as an iOS app and coming soon to Google Play for Android devices, the app is positioned as way for customers to get more out of the businesses they frequent. Customers can list a business as a favourite to get personalized attention from that venue, compliment employees for doing a good job (and presumably file complaints), and earn loyalty points for their activity. Strum holds auctions to let customers spend those points on different rewards.

So far, Strum counts Sport Chek and a local Toronto pub among its business customers. Business listings can be created by users of the app and stay in an “unclaimed” state if the owner doesn’t engage with the app. Strum postings can be listed as public, or private so only the business owner can see them.

Strum CEO Andrew Smith. (Image: Strumapp.com)

Other members of Strum’s team include Eric Hoffman as product and design lead, who previously created iPad app Iris and Kelvin.

Many apps have tried to connect customers with local businesses. Foursquare trys incenting customers to check in with gamification and rewards, while Poynt provides directions to a local business that delivers what you’re looking for. With Strum, its developers are hoping that customer loyalty points and digital engagement will be music to the public’s ears.

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