Soonr is hoping to put an end to the tug of war between users that want to more easily access and share files across devices and IT managers that want to keep work documents safe and secure with the release of Soonr Go.

The vendor calls Soonr Go the first mobile smart synch solution that also integrates device security. It’s designed to allow mobile workers to share files and collaborate from anywhere, including on mobile devices.

In fact, mobile devices are increasingly becoming the work device of choice for mobile workers when outside the office. Often times, those devices are employee-owned – IDC estimated 328 million employee-owned smartphones will be used for work purposes by 2017. Those devices are outside the corporate IT environment, but users still want to use them to collaborate with team members on ongoing projects.

Soonr Go aims to bridge that gap by providing the mobile device management capabilities the business needs, such as data loss prevention and remote wipe, with easy sync capabilities to empower mobile workers.

In addition to Smart Mobile Sync, which allows users to either sync entire folders or just select files to each device so storage and bandwidth concerns are optimized, Soonr Go also includes built-in editing tools so users can edit and mark up documents even while offline, without having to purchase and use another app.

Soonr Go
Soonr Go users can edit files from within the application.

“Beyond just secure access to company file servers, our customers have been telling us that a major obstacle in using tablets and smartphones to do office work is just having to figure out and remember which documents should be synched to each type of mobile device while on the go. With intelligent device-aware synchronization, employees no longer need to remember which individual documents they need to sync,” said Ahmet Tuncay, CEO of Soonr, in a statement. “At Soonr, we’re putting the mobile user first. With the release of Soonr Go, mobile workers can truly leverage the power of today’s mobiles devices without being concerned about the security risk of lost or compromised data.”

Soonr Go is available now for iOS via the Apple App Store.

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