Screenshots are now a regular part of professional life. They let us capture and share relevant data within the organization. I tend to use browser-based screenshot tools but they can’t help when it comes to anything outside the browser. Microsoft has a new tool for Windows users called Snip which allows you to take a screenshot, annotate it and even record an audio over it.

That means this tool can be used for various purposes such as short video tutorials, documentation processes and sharing over the web. So how does the tool store a basic screenshot vs. a screenshot + audio recording? In case of a screenshot, it simply copies it to the clipboard. When audio is recorded over it, Snip turns the screenshot into an MP4 video.

After you have captured what you wish to, you can choose to embed the video, upload it to cloud or create a local copy on your computer. You can even email it. However, pressing the email button leads it to attempt to open Outlook. The app is still in its beta version and you can send your feedback about the app to Microsoft. My main feedback would be to add shapes such as arrows, circles, etc which would make annotations a breeze.

Below is a little snippet I created this morning using this tool. Comment and let me know if you will be using this tool for your day to day screenshot needs.

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