Sharing in the cloud: Generic vs. specialized

There has been a lot of buzz around the new entrant into the cloud-based document sharing space with the recent announcement of Google Drive.

But not all cloud-based document sharing is the same. Specialized document sharing solutions address a fundamentally different set of business problems than a generic document sharing solution does.

So where do generic document sharing solutions end and specialized document sharing solutions begin?

Generic document sharing solutions started out to address personal file storage in the cloud. By allowing individuals to put their personal pictures, videos and also documents in the cloud, they would be accessible from anywhere.

Many generic document sharing solutions saw this as an opportunity to enter into the enterprise content sharing space as a way of further monetizing their applications, according to Toronto-based cloud sharing technology provider Firmex Inc.

Firmex released the infographic below to illustrate the differences between generic and specialized document sharing tools.

“Specialized document sharing providers focus on solving business process specific problems such as how to run due diligence more effectively, gain control and visibility over governance and compliance processes in your organization or improve litigation support, said Joel Lessem, CEO of Firmex.

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