Security the top Internet concern for Canadians: CIRA study

Security, accessibility and cost are the biggest concerns Canadians have about the Internet, according to a new study released by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA).

In a far reaching study including two years of data collected throughsurveys, roundtables and other events, security was cited as a concernby 10.7 per cent of respondents. The next biggest issues cited wereaccessibility (named by 9.7 per cent) and cost (7.1 per cent).

Canadians also named the biggest obstacles they face while using theInternet. The top two were lack of digital literacy (cited by 9.1 percent) and slow Internet connection (6.6 per cent).

Despite commercially availableproducts to protect computers and networks, online security is still aconcern. (Photo: Shutterstock)

In terms of how Canadians use the Internet, the most popular uses givenwere: to access information/knowledge (32 per cent), communicating orstaying in touch with people (16.8 per cent), and education or research(8.1 per cent).

Source | CIRA

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