SAP SE has launched a new product for marketers, tapping directly into Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature to target people on the social network.

On Monday, SAP said it would be rolling out its Customer Engagement Intelligence tool, which runs on SAP Hana. As part of this tool, the company will be melding its data with Facebook Custom Audiences’ tool.

Launched in 2012, Facebook Custom Audiences allows marketers to upload a list of their customers’ email addresses and phone numbers into Facebook. Facebook will then do its best to match those customers with their Facebook accounts, essentially creating a new list on the social network – which is handy when marketers want to create Facebook ads and target them towards the right people.

Custom Audiences is a fairly powerful tool for list generation, and SAP has seemed to recognize that with its new product. With the Customer Engagement Intelligence tool, marketers will be able to set up categories based on their enterprise data, making it easier to segment their lists of customers for Facebook advertising. They’ll also be able to create an audience profile based on predictive buying behaviours, making it easier to recognize when a list of people on Facebook will be more receptive to certain ads.

“Facebook is one of the leading digital advertising platforms,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, SAP’s senior vice president and head of corporate business development, in a statement.

“SAP customers want to use Facebook to promote their brands, products and services. With this new offering to SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence, our customers will be enabled to more effectively find their target audience on Facebook, measure their ad spend and track conversations to give a more accurate and comprehensive picture of an advertising program’s effectiveness.”

While SAP is not the first company to try to offer marketers a targeting solution, combining their marketing customers’ enterprise data with Facebook, a ubiquitous social network, makes sense. Marketers also want to be able to follow their customers through the marketing funnel, seeing where they’ve attracted them, where they’ve lost them, or where they might have made their sale – and integrating SAP data with Facebook data will probably help in this respect.

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