Samsung Electronics’ competitor to the iPad mini goes on sale in Canada today retailing at $429.99, the Korean firm announced.

The Galaxy Note 8 has an eight-inch touch screen similar to the size of the iPad mini. The Galaxy Note brand has previously been associated with larger-than-usual smartphone devices. Now it has gone into the tablet category – or “phablet,” as some have put it – blending features normally associated with either smartphones or tablets into one unified device. That will be more true in other regions than in Canada for the Galaxy Note 8, where a 4G wireless version will be available with calling features.

By comparison, the iPad mini 16 GB version is priced at $329 in Canada. The Galaxy Note 8 also has 16 GB storage, but is expandable with a micro SD card slot for up to another 64 GB. It also has other specs that are incrementally better than the iPad mini, such as a higher screen resolution and pixel density, 2 GB of RAM, a 1.6 Ghz processor and an RF sensor that can be used as a universal remote.

We did a hands on look at the Galaxy Note 8 back in March, here’s our video from that time:

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