What do you think of when someone mentions the topic of network security? Encrypting messages? Strong authentication? Public and private keys?
For some, security is also about blocking messages from scammers that try to get sensitive information. How many people haven’t received a message from someone claiming to be the relative of a former member of an African junta who’s trying to transfer a large sum of money?
Now, SophosLabs is trying to improve security by blocking a similar message — this one from someone claiming to be from an American soldier involved in a business deal which SophosLabs describes as “reminiscent of the George Clooney Gulf War Movie ‘Three Kings.’” The message author claims to want to move $15 million in oil money out of Iraq and to seek a “safe place” for the funds — presumably the recipient’s bank account. It also claims it’s a “risk-free and legal business.” But someone at SophosLabs seems to think it’s a scam that will fool some users.

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