Projected advertisements will stop you in your tracks

You might think that 23 is a young age to have already completed your Master’s degree and have founded a start-up company offering innovative interactive advertising methods.

But Jonathan Ingham explains that he’s been working 80 hours a week, so it’s like he’s twice that age. The founder of Phosphorous Media Inc. runs his start-up out of Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone. It’s a hot bed of tech-savvy entrepreneurs and is starting to spin businesses out into the “real world”. Just recently, TeamSave and Burstn expanded into their very own office space.

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It might not be long before Ingham follows that example. His technology projects an interactive advertisement onto any surface (usually something benign like a floor or wall) and lets perople interact with the image via their motions. It all works with an infrared camera that detects where the light is being blocked, and programmed content that responds appropriately. Ingham has taken his business beyond the techno-gimmick stage to be showcased at major trade shows, fashion expos sponsored by Loreal, and more.

See the technology in action and hear Ingham talk about his plans for Phosphorous in the video below, shot by at Ryerson’s recent open house for its Digital Media Zone.

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