E-commerce may have just gotten a little easier for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), as Sage North America announced today it was partnering up with Yola Inc., a South African company employing about 60 people.

On one side, Sage offers a payments platform that gives SMB customers a secure way to pay for their purchases using their credit cards. What Yola brings to the table is all kinds of Web services for SMBs, like Web sites optimized for mobile devices, hosting services, domains, email services, e-commerce tools, integrations with social media networks, and search engine optimization and marketing tools.

By combining their products, Sage and Yola hope to give SMBs a way to process payments and also handle any accounting and communications they need to do with their customers.

“Very few companies have the capacity to offer both of these services in a cohesive package,” said Sage president Greg Hammermaster in a statement. “By integrating Yola with Sage Exchange, Yola is uniquely positioning itself as an all-purpose software-as-a-service website provider for SMBs.”

There’s no word on how much a Yola-Sage bundle would cost, but pricing for Yola’s service starts at about $6 a month for 2 gigabytes (GB) of storage for five Web sites, plus a five megabyte (MB) upload. Its priciest model is set at $25 a month for 10 GB of storage for 25 sites, with a limit of 150 MB in uploads.

Customers interested in finding out more about Sage’s payment platform can get in touch with a company sales rep, or check out Sage and Yola’s platform-service package here.

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