I. Overall Spending Outlook
Stable improvement in IT spending for the rest of 2006Survey results indicate stable IT spending for remainder of 2006 – assuming the global economic outlook does not deteriorate. According to CIOs surveyed:

  • Overall IT budgets will increase by six per cent on average.
  • 68 per cent intend to increase IT budgets.
  • 12 per cent are increasing IT spending by more than 10 per cent from 2005 levels.

Specific spending categories
The surveyed CIOs also outlined their spending priorities for the remainder of 2006.

  • Software is the No. 1 2006 spending priority.
  • Software spending will increase by seven cent.
  • Services and outsourcing spending will rise by five per cent.
  • Hardware will increase by four per cent.

Fiscal 2007 outlook remains steady

  • The 2007 spending outlook calls for moderate growth of six per cent.
  • Key spending growth areas include outsourcing, software and wireless technologies.
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