Ottawa-based visual collaboration company Magor Corp. has launched Aerus, which extends its peer-to-peer video collaboration software architecture to the cloud.

According to the vendor, the cloud-based Aerus platform lets people collaborate and communicate by video, including sharing, viewing and editing relevant material on desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, whiteboards and other devices.

By using a scalable distributed server architecture that leverages switched video networking, Magor said Aerus overcomes the limitations of traditional video conferencing implementations that use a centralized architecture. It can also scale more effectively than traditional bridge-based services and better meet the needs of larger deployments that require support for a mix of mobile, desktop and room-based endpoints, said the vendor.

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“Our goal with Aerus is to support the many ways people want to work together with video. To do this we chose to deliver an architecture that supports as many different workflows as users want, when users want them, rather than the rigid single workflow model that traditional video conferencing systems box the user into – invite-only, meet-me-on-the-bridge,” said Ken Davison, Magor’s chief marketing officer and senior vice-president of sales, in a statement. “We believe very strongly that Aerus will pave the way to enabling a multitude of video-enabled business processes that have not been addressable with traditional forms of video conferencing.”

Aerus also provides native interoperability with existing solutions ranging from traditional room-based video conferencing to web-based consumer clients such as Skype.

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