To tweet, or not to tweet? This may no longer be the question for many small businesses. Your potential customers are on Twitter, and so you should be too. Because if you’re not, your competition certainly will be.

You shouldn’t just go on Twitter without a plan, however. It can’t just be about marketing and selling alone. You need a strategy to engage your customers and build a lasting relationship with them. And your company’s brand and online reputation is too important to be just left to the summer intern.

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To get you started developing your SMB Twitter strategy, the Twitter Tools & Tips Blog has 15 small business twitter tips. We’ve shared the top five below; click the link to see the whole list.

And happy tweeting!

  1. Use Twitter directories to promote your business and network
  2. Optimize your Avatar
  3. Customize your Twitter background
  4. Use Twitter marketing software
  5. Integrate Twitter with LinkedIn

Source15 Awesome Small Business Twitter Tips

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