OptiTune helps SMBs manage desktops, laptops and servers

A new product release from Bravura Software of Redmond, Was. aims to help IT staff more easily manage their company’s desktops, laptops and servers.

The product, called OptiTune, features a web-based management console and designed for organizations with up to 5000 computers. Features include application deployment, windows update management, malware detection, hardware/software inventory and performance monitoring.

“OptiTune makes it easy for companies to manage all of their computers,” said Bravura Software CEO Matthew Block in a statement. “With OptiTune, companies get a flexible IT management system that is easy to deploy and can run in the cloud, or on your own server. Not only does it help you manage your PCs more efficiently, but it also gives you insights into how well your existing machines are performing. You can manage desktops, laptops, and even servers with OptiTune.”

Management features can be accessed by any device with a modern Web browser, such as an iPad or iPhone, and the console can also be used to manage computers outside the corporate nework – as long as the computer has an Internet connection.

IT managers can access Optitune from any device with a modern web browser.

OptiTune is available now and the company is offering it free for the first year for up to 10 computers.

Source | Bravura Software

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