MyAbiliti, a new app released by absence management firm Morneau Shepell, is aiming to make case management simpler for employees with disabilities.

Specifically targeting those on disability leave from work, the app works to break down common barriers between case managers and employees. Those on leave can use MyAbiliti to scan and upload paperwork directly to Morneau Shepell’s case worker team, and those managers can respond and embed case notes securely right in the app. And once their leave is coming to a close, both managers and employees can use the app to view and agree upon a worker’s return schedule.

“MyAbiliti is a great step forward. Helping employees stay connected during a leave – through their smartphone – makes perfect sense. It’s fast and easy, and makes a great complement to robust telephonic and other communication modalities,” said Lucy Turowicz, Morneau Shepell’s national director of strategic operations initiatives, in a statement. “The app makes it simple and quick to ‘snap and submit’ forms, and ‘tap to accept’ a modified work schedule — basic administrative tasks that are often very difficult when away from the workplace.”

Such software could cut down on delays around receiving necessary paperwork and supporting documents, and assist in getting employees back to work as promptly as possible. As every HR professional is aware, worker absences add up quickly and can really hurt a business’ bottom line.

“The cost of absence is a significant productivity drain on business,” said Morneau Shepell’s Zahid Salman, executive vice president responsible for the Absence Management Solutions line of business, in a statement. “Avoiding absence, getting people back to work safely and promptly, and keeping people whole during the process yields big returns for employers and for their employment brand. It also helps ensure employees get the right support in a timely manner.”

The MyAbiliti app is now available for mobile devices via iTunes, the Google Play store and BlackBerry.

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