A new study from Dell Inc. shows that business leaders driving the adoption of newer technologies in their organizations are experiencing sizeable growth compared to their hesitant counterparts.

According to the PC manufacturer’s second annual Global Technology Adoption Index, those companies surveyed that took the leap into using technologies linked to mobility, security, big data and the cloud are seeing revenues growth rates that are 53 per cent higher than organizations that aren’t making similar investments. This solidifies the conclusion that these types of solutions can help make organizations more efficient (i.e. 21 per cent reduction in paperwork) and helps them reach their growth goals (eg. ad spends were optimized by 37 per cent, according to respondents).

“We’re enthused to see more organizations recognizing the strategic importance of technology investments,” said Paul J. Walsh, CIO of Dell, in a statement. “We believe this new research will help companies see the correlation between technology use and revenue growth, improved efficiencies and organizational growth.”

One of the primary trends the report revealed was that business leaders were much more likely to drive the adoption of these technologies (particularly investments in big data and mobility) than their IT department counterparts. Business teams were willing to make these investments 18 per cent more often, and were 42 per cent more likely to adopt mobility solutions than IT teams. But both were equally likely to invest in security and the cloud, suggesting these diverse teams might partner more closely on such initiatives.

The survey also reported that price of investment is just one barrier blocking more organizations from adopting these solutions. Respondents cited cost concerns as one of the top two hesitations for integrating all of the aforementioned technologies, whereas the 2014 edition of the report found that security was the biggest obstacle preventing companies from taking the technological leap.

The survey targeted IT and business decision makers in a range of mid-market companies around the globe to gain insights on how they plan for and use key technologies.

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