Last Pitch Effort is an occasional look at media relations strategies gone awry.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the specialized press. 

You personally and around 1700 other specialized press journalists (from all over the world) have been deliberately chosen

to test and judge in an objective way the computer watch <>. 

A real computer watch 

To achieve the realization of this audacious project, our team members of different qualifications such as mathematics and microelectronics have worked during two years to develop a prototype of a computer watch which is unique. 

Today we are from the prototype phase. We begin to commercialize it. We are proud to present the computer watch <> to you.

The computer watch has capacities beyond any standard, an unequalled ratio size/power/autonomy; a super calculator that can run complex programs with a very short execution time. It can be worn at your wrist very discreetly thanks to its classic size and its pleasant design. 

For a secure profit.

The computer watch <> is a working tool that guarantees a constant hourly wage to his owner.

A complete description of the Winning Watch can be found in 9 different languages (Russian, Japanese, Chinese…) on our web site.

We are entirely at your service for those who would like to test seriously the exceptional functions of the <>.

The Winning Watch Team.


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