ITBusiness Elsewhere: And the next Canadian PM is . . .

ITBusiness Elsewhere is a collection of unusual technology stories from around the globe

Algorithm puts spin on electoral candidates
New Scientist

Most Canadians don’t need an algorithm to tell them what should be pretty apparent, unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past two months. But just in case, here it is.

Illegal downloaders finger file-swapping service creator\
Wall Street Journal

This is the latest version of The Devil Made Me Do It. This has to be the best story of the year, hands down.

Geeks go prime time in UK
The Register

Geeks of the world, break out the bubbly. There’s a new British sitcom, and guess who’s cool now? OK, maybe cool is stretching it a bit.

Homework: The next wave of outsourcing
Wall Street Journal

What better way to prepare for a career that will probably involve being on one end of an outsourcing contract or another than by outsourcing your computer science studies homework?

Identity theft reaches new low

Of all the social engineering ploys used to snag private information, this has to be one of the most scurrilous.


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