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Time flies, occasionally scurries

Have a hard

Heavy gear
time getting up because you keep hitting the snooze button? Try this little MIT-invented gadget. You won’t be able to shut it off till you drag your sorry self out of bed and find it.

Here’s a news flash: techies are carrying a lot of gadgets these days. In other news, carpenters carry a lot of tools.

I remember when ‘i’ was just a vowel! News

You’ve heard of the iPod. Now Japanese senior citizens are taking advantage of the iPot. Hint: you don’t sit on it.

MUST . . . BUY . . . PlayStation 3

There are some obvious sinister possibilities for technology that can beam sensory information straight to the brain, but that’s not how Sony’s planning to use it. Or so they say.

Smarter than a Klingon, dumber than a Vulcan

Think you’re pretty smart on the geek scale? Try taking this test.

I think this one’s Borg
Christian Science Monitor

It’s our weekly “robots are taking over the world” story.

They spent too much time on the rocket pen
The Register

And here’s another shocker: the British spook service’s computer system will be over-budget, late and under-powered.

MUST . . . BUY . . . PSP

When is downloading free tunes not a crime? When Sony says so, that’s when. And when your American university pays for it.


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