Better to redecorate than actually configure your wireless security
New Scientist

A U.K. firm has developed stealth wallpaper that prevents Wi-Fi signals from leaving the building

without interfering with cell phone traffic.

Because it’s too much trouble to actually pick up the phone and speak
The Scotsman

SMS-happy Britishers will be able to receive text messages on their land line through a new British Telecom service. Next up: wired 802.11.

All in the suit that you wear

Possibly the first jacket measured in gigabytes, the mp3blue plays digital music files, has a Bluetooth headset in the collar, and doubles as a hands-free mobile phone. Dry clean only. (Question: How come all the cool stuff available in the U.K. isn’t available here? Just asking …)

No smiles please, we’re British
Reuters/Yahoo! News

Finally, something that was available in North America before the U.K. Britons getting new passport photos are now forbidden to smile because it might confuse security cameras.

To end all wars
BBC News

The Finnish army has slashed the length of mandatory service for “”Web addicts”” because some conscripts miss their computers too much to be away from them for six months.


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