IT Business Elsewhere: The pay-per-pixel model

Elsewhere is a collection of unusual technology stories from around the world.

The price for the pixel is right
Wall Street Journal

If you can get people to buy some of your debt on eBay, how hard can it be to sell pixels online?

A picture is worth a thousand germs
New Scientist

The latest, greatest camera doesn’t use pixels to produce images, it uses live bacteria.

Getting the bugs out of wireless

There are many interesting uses for wireless networks. Add mosquito elimination to that list.

Smell ya later
Yahoo! News

Camera phones are so 2005. Next year is all about the perfume phones.

Scene and nerd
L.A. Times

Tables have turned for the geeks who spent high school getting their faces smashed into lockers. Now they’re the ones being fawned over, especially in the music industry.

Ho Ho Nano!

If you think your kids are going to want to write snail mail to Santa, get real. Santa’s delivering personal podcasts this year.


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