IT Business Elsewhere: The belly billboard

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Frenemies forever

If there’s anything that unites people more than shared loves, it’s sharedhates.

Can’t live with them…

Speaking of hate, that’s a sentiment many people reserve for cell phones, or at least their users. Fact is, we wouldn’t want to live without them.

The devil in iPod
Reg Hardware

And if it’s hate you’re feeling, these iPod accessories will help youexpress yourself.

Microsoft is ready for people
Yahoo News

If Microsoft is just now announcing “people-ready” products, what does that say about what it has given the world so far?

Trial by fire

Here’s a useful piece of advice: if you’re planning on setting something onfire, it’s probably best not to call 911 by mistake and give a play-by-playaccount of your intentions.

I never forget a face

Can’t remember all those passwords? Try remembering faces instead.

Selling to the unborn
The Globe and Mail

Maybe you thought the final frontier had been conquered in marketing. If so, you apparently haven’t considered all that wasted space on a pregnant woman’s belly.

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