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Paper chase
BBC News

How much data are you hauling around these days? According

to Toshiba, if you’re like most people, you have the equivalent of 10 trucks full of paper in your pocket or handbag.

It’s getting hot in herre

If you’re a guy and plan on spawning mini versions of yourself, you might want to put that laptop someplace not so close to the crown jewels.

Talk about a loyalty program
Yahoo! News

Tired of paying those pesky phone bills month after month? Now you can pay a one-time fee for service for life. Geez, that doesn’t sound at all risky.

Put it in writing

Cell-yellers are an irritating lot. Now you can tell them to please shut up in a nice, non-verbal way, with these cards that can be downloaded and printed.An example: “”Dear cell phone user. We are aware that your ongoing conversation about _________ is very important to you, but we thought you’d like to know that it doesn’t interest us in the least. In fact, your babbling disregard for others is more than a little annoying.””

Smell ya later

You can download music and movies from the Internet. So why not fragrances too?

Spirit of giving
Yahoo! News

You can sell anything on eBay. Even a ghost, apparently. But how would you prove it arrived intact?

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