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Like the lottery, but you don’t win anything
Federal Computer Week


Plug and play and drink
to a considerable number of federal executives in the U.S., they probably have a greater chance of getting struck by lightning than they do of getting their e-government projects fully funded.

The Register

Dell’s CEO might become really iRate if he reads this story. He thinks the iPod is just a fad. Tell that to the iNebriated DJs of the world.

He shoots, he scores, he consults the data mart
Globe and Mail

There was a time when it was pretty clear when someone scored a goal in soccer. Ball passes over goal line, goal. Now the International Football Board Association thinks a computerized ball might give a more accurate reading.

Does this look infected?

This just might be the answer to unclogging all those hospital ERs stuffed with people with runny noses and sore toes.

Like air guitar, but without the tennis racket

Researchers have come up with a device that mimics the sound of scratched vinyl simply by waiving it around in the air.

Online dating in reverse

Planning to dump someone and just need a little help?


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