Star Wars technology has arrived

Can’t make it home to see the fam for the holidays? No worries. Now you can just send a 3-D recreation of yourself over the Internet.

No human versions of Dolly this century: Researcher

This is an excuse you won’t be able to use for a while yet: Hey, it wasn’t me, it was my clone who robbed that bank!

Robot rampage has hospital staff running for lives
The Register

This is what happens when we replace people with robots. Eventually, they, too, crack under the strain.

Warhol 21st century style

What do you get when you cross graffiti with multimedia? Grafedia, of course.

Handheld soap box

Can’t make it home in time for your afternoon soaps? Singaporeans no longer have to worry about that since they can now watch them on their cell phones.

Podcasting is so 2004

Used to be that PDAs were the corporate espionage tool of choice. Now it’s iPods.

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