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Rubi soho

This day care robot gives

new meaning to the old teacher adage, “She has eyes on the back of her head.”

Free laundry ticket to employee loyalty

There’s no airing of dirty laundry at this small software firm. That’s because there is no dirty laundry – the company provides for employees free washers and dryers, along with meals and other perks.

Gamer turned robber or vice versa?
New Scientist

What seems obvious to everyone who doesn’t play violent video games has now been validated.

Kids swap PSPs for 8-tracks

People voluntarily eat worms and cockroaches on Fear Factor. But give up their iPods and cell phones for the chance to be on a TV show? That’s just plain cruel.

Hack rat
The Register

In Canada it’s usually just angry union members we suspect of sabotaging telecom systems. In New Zealand it’s rats – real ones.

Piracy the new norm?

What? Everybody doesn’t download stuff for free? There’s something wrong with that?


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