Flintstone chic

Two U.K. artists have been nominated for Britain’s most prestigious art award for digitally recreating what they think cave-dwelling Osama Bin Laden’s

Afghanistan home looks like.

So, turn right at the gas station?
New Scientist

The New Scientist reports that U.S. researchers have developed a prototype of a smart bullet that reports information back wirelessly.

<a href=http://edition.cnn.com/2004/TECH/fun.games/05/24/video.game.diet.ap/index.htmlBetter than a digital Richard Simmons

What’s the cure for fat kids addicted to videogames? Design a game that makes them move and groove and drop the pounds at the same time.

Also emits a pleasing minty fragrance

American researchers are developing a handheld they say sniffs out the presence of pneumonia and sinusitis by analyzing a patient’s breath.

Grin and bare it

Viewers have decided it’s not enough to be able to watch the Naked News on a computer. No, now they must have access to it on the go via mobile devices. Thus the recent distribution agreement.

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