Les Nessman would not approve

Just when you thought it couldn’t be done. An inventor is working on a project to develop walls you can see through. The goal, he says, is to provide

a view outside in windowless rooms, but we can think of a few more possible uses.

Haven’t they seen The Fly?

We haven’t even gotten the whole telecommuting thing figured out yet and scientists have figured out how to transfer characteristics between atoms in what they’re calling quantum teleportation.

You may now ping the bride

A couple of American soldiers have entered into holy matrimony while miles apart. One is in Colorado and the other is doing a tour of duty in Iraq. The whole thing took place via videoconferencing. We’re betting that’s not going to work so well for the honeymoon part, though.

This toilet is smarter than me

People in Seattle are really cheesed off about the robotic restrooms in that city. A technician attributes the issues to “”operator error,”” rather than malfunction.

One day you’ll grow up to be a real car

A group of researchers say if you can breed racehorses for better performance, you can breed Formula 1 cars, too, through a technology that allows robots to rebuild themselves and computer programs to evolve and become better on their own.

Phony apologies

What happens when you’re contrite, repentant, full of remorse — yet too much of a coward to face the one you’ve wronged? Nothing, usually. Til now. Now you can call the apology hotline in New York. Anything to make you feel better.

Mock the vote

Don’t think you can decide who not to vote for in the upcoming federal election? This might be easier. Visit this site and you can vote for the stupidest people, movie show, statement, etc. (there are 11 categories) of the year.

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