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Brains just aren’t binary
Live Science

Oddly enough, your brain

is not like a computer, as you once might have flattered yourself into believing. That might be related to the fact it’s not made of bits of silicon. But this story has another explanation.

Can’t you call a doctor for that?
Sun Times

It had to happen. Try this excuse the next time you need to get out of writing that report: Can’t, so sorry. I’ve got cell-phone elbow.

Calling all Webaholics

There are rehabs for those addicted to sex, alcohol and drugs. Now add Web addicts to the list.

Typing error costs company over $200M

Whoops. One expensive misstroke by an untrained employee – that would actually make it her employer’s fault, no? — cost her her job – and cost the company US$251 million.

Fighting crime the 21st century way
Yahoo! News

You’ve heard of facial recognition and iris recognition. Now there’s gunshot recognition. What’s next, insult recognition software for the socially clueless?

The spam diet
Live Science

Spam, as you probably know, is not normally good for you – at least not the crap that fills your in-box and makes you homicidal. But this spam, says the story, actually has health benefits.


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