Elsewhere is a collection of unusual technology stories from around the world.

Google: Bush equals failure
The Register

Looking for the definition of failure on Google? What you’ll get is Dubya’s bio.

Forget the weatherman

First there was the washing machine that can’t be used by the same person once. Now there’s the clothes peg that won’t work if it’s going to rain.

Ring, ring, go away

Will someone please make them stop? The ring tones are enough to drive anyone insane. But the cute catch-phrasing will eventually make us jump off bridges en masse.

Exorcise your e-demons
The Register

Just in time for the release of the latest exorcist movie, someone is auctioning off a devil doll on eBay. Be afraid — be very afraid.

iPods not wanted here

Some of us find this satisfying in that smug I hate Apple more than I hate Microsoft kind of way. A New York library is offering digital audiobook downloads so people can listen to books on their portable music players, Apple’s iPod excluded.

Do you have the handwriting of a serial killer?

Forget social support systems. All the U.K. cops now need to know whether criminals are likely to re-offend is an analysis of their handwriting.

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