Next you’ll say they make you cry

What’s worse? Believing the stories from are actually true, or reprinting them almost verbatim and then insisting

they’re true despite being told otherwise? You decide.

The Register

How much luckier can you already be than having US$1.1 million to pay for a phone number that translates into “”let me be rich, be rich, be rich, be rich”” in Chinese?

Kiss your keyboard goodbye

Ever wondered what it would be like if an asteroid were to hit the Earth? Wonder no more. Do the calculation yourself with an online calculator. Don’t blame us, though, if you can’t sleep tonight.

More tales of Microsoft generosity

It’s not exactly quid pro quo. Find out what a Scottish teenager got for discovering a security glitch in a Windows operating system and working with the firm for six months to fix it. But don’t hold your breath. He can’t drive it or put it in the bank.

Bet you I can quit

Compulsive gamblers looking for help online are having to double their resolve. According to the story, gamblers that visit the gamblers anonymous Web site are being met with pop-up ads for online casinos.

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There are some advantages to robot dogs, apparently. They don’t bite, they don’t shed and you don’t have to take them out for walks in the dead of winter. And they fit perfectly into Japan’s solution to caring for its growing aging population. According to the story, researchers have found patients in Japan have responded well to the four-legged computerized creatures when they are used for therapeutic purposes.


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