IT Business Elsewhere: Apoca-chips now

ITBusiness Elsewhere is a collection of unusual technology stories from around the globe

Looking for love in all the wrong spaces
The Milwaukee Channel

A Wisconsin man falls prey to yet another Nigerian online scam looking for the love of his dreams.

Nigerians strike again
LA Times

Renowned psychiatrist’s son sues him for giving $3 million to Nigerian e-mail scam over 10-year period

A step up from the mouse

This is an example of some Microsoft R&D money well spent despite the fact this gizmo will never be coming to a store near you.

RFID a sign the end is near

Christian consumer advocate sends out warning on radio frequency identification technology to fellow followers signaling the end-times are drawing near.

Caller ID spoofing on the rise

U.S. rep a victim of phony Caller ID thanks to Internet telephone equipment that permits anyone to make any number appear on Caller ID system.

Marines’ surfing censored
The Inquirer

US government restricts Marines’ access to certain Web sites including ones that don’t tow the Bush administration’s party line. Suddenly, China isn’t looking so bad…

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